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River Partners' widely-acclaimed approach has restored 11,000 acres of riparian forests. With your help we can do much more.

Over the past 20 years, River Partners’ creative partnerships have shown that we can work with nature to restore floodplains, reduce flood risk and provide new habitat for birds, fish, mammals and reptiles.
Our projects are showcased as examples of joint-venture, multi-benefit solutions that need to be brought to scale across the California and beyond. Since 2014, California voters have passed two major bond measures that provide hundreds of millions of dollars for riparian habitat restoration.
Private donations are the link between our vision and even broader success. Your support will help us access state and federal funding by enabling us to create a springboard of new restoration opportunities, scientific studies, and engagement with local communities.
We invite you to join us in greening our river corridors, providing permanent protection and sustained environmental improvement for the country’s most imperiled rivers.

My family is proud to support River Partners because protecting our waterways is vitally important to our stewardship of the earth and to our communities. River Partners’ projects generate real change, by restoring vital plant and species, as well as educating surrounding communities. Their holistic approach helps ensure their long-term success.

– Ken Grossman, Founder, Sierra Nevada Brewery