Tangible Results. Measurable Impact.

River Partners is helping lead a fundamental redesign of California’s approach to water management, working with our rivers’ natural systems to restore floodplains and regenerate riparian forests.

Our groundbreaking approach unites cutting-edge science, agricultural practices and large-scale habitat restoration. We forge innovative partnerships across sectors that bring life back to rivers and nourish the ecosystems, economies and communities of California.

Our restoration projects provide a broad ripple effect of flood protection, expanded wildlife habitat, carbon sequestration, green jobs, open space and conservation of precious water resources. Together, we can do so much more.

Acres restored since 1998
Priority species protected
Acre-feet annual water savings
$1 billion+
Ecological value created

Featured Work

Floodplain Forests Face Off to Climate Change

Riparian forests are powerful protection at the front lines of climate change. Visit our Dos Rios project with the New York Times.

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The Time Is Now

We have a wider window of opportunity than ever to bring habitat back to rivers, reduce flood risk, conserve water, and capture carbon. Here’s why.

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A Natural Approach to Flood Safety

Floodplains River Partners restored on the Feather River proved their worth during the Oroville Dam failure. Take a listen.

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River Partners work has been a boon to the Central Valley's river forest ecosystems, once the richest wildlife habitat in the state. Their rigorous scientific approach has helped bring back wildlife species once believed permanently lost.

- James Irvine Foundation, Leadership Award

Our Partners

River Partners has a track record of turning new partners into allies for river conservation. We work to bring farmers, federal and state agencies, other nonprofit organizations and local communities together to harness our collective strengths.